Instead of nagging your dog about what you don't want him/her doing, think about what you would like to see happen! Your dog will soon lose interest if all he/she hears is "No, stop that, bad dog."  Give your pup some feedback and then quickly redirect his/her attention onto something else. Once your dog is focused on his/her toy or chewy, reinforce that with some petting and praise. Think positive!



Here are some good points to remember before beginning your treatment plan for housebreaking.
Be sure to NEVER punish a dog for accidents. This will only make the dog avoid eliminating near you. He may end up sneaking into another room to be able to go while you’re not around.

A pup can be expected to hold his bladder by the number of months he is + 1. You can extend the hours that the pup can hold it through the night by withholding food and water 2-3 hours before bedtime. By doing this, a 2 month old may be able to hold it for 6 hours through the night before needing to go.

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