Puppy Kindergarten, Basic & Intermediate Class Information


Puppy Kindergarten Class  

7 classes - 1 hour each (with off-leash playtime throughout) - $199

Saturdays @ 12:15pm 
The puppy classes are similar to the basic class with time set aside for socialization and covering husbandry behaviors. Off leash play during the class is worked into the training program, so your puppy can socialize and learn at the same time, as well as, playing around with a jump and tunnel. Husbandry behaviors are added in which get your dog used to being handled, which is especially helpful for those visits to the vet. Start training as soon as you bring your new puppy home. When a pup is between the ages of 7 and 16 weeks he is learning and absorbing the most information during what is called the Socialization period. Of course an old dog can learn new tricks, but the sooner you start the better! Read the blog on why you should start training early. 

Saturdays @ 12:15pm - $199                                
Wagville Dog Daycare                          
2400 North San Fernando Rd.                             
Los Angeles, CA

Basic Obedience Class

7 classes - 1 hour each - $199

Saturdays @ 1:30pm
Tara's Dog Training will show you how to have fun while training all the basic behaviors. 
Sit, Down, Loose Leash walking, Stay, Leave It, Go to your bed and how to get a great Recall (come) are all covered. The class includes games to make it fun for both dog and owner. You will learn how to clicker train behaviors, which is a great way to train behaviors quick and make the behaviors last. We also show you how to wean off food treats and onto daily life rewards. No longer will the phrase "He'll do it if I show him a treat" be used for you and your pup, you'll learn how to wean off treats and do it the right way.


Saturdays @ 1:30pm

WagVille Dog Daycare
2400 N. San Fernando Rd.
Los Angeles, CA

Tara works with all positive methods. She uses food as a main motivator along with toys, depending on the dog's interests. In training, you will learn how to reward behaviors with simple, daily life rewards which do not include food and how to maintain those behaviors after your training is finished. All owners bring a variety of treats to class, along with their dog's bed & favorite toy or chewy.
Many owners have learned the way of positive training with Tara and have seen how rewarding the outcome can be. Tara delivers an effective, positive approach to dog training, which illustrates results.  She gives every owner the tools necessary to becoming a kind and benevolent leader in the eyes of their dog.